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Tips If You Have a Desk Job

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management philosophy that aims to provide the user with maximum focus and creative freshness, thereby allowing them to complete projects faster with less mental fatigue.

The process is simple. For every project throughout the day, you budget your time into short increments and take breaks periodically. You work for 25 minutes, then take break for five minutes.

– Source: Lifehack.orgĀ 

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Solitude and the Healthy Lifestyle

The songs from Skrillex’s latest album Recess playing in shuffle in my earphones shut me completely away from the world. My shirt was drenched in sweat, as I lay on a mat on the floor with a pair of dumbbells on both sides. It was night and the gym was crowded as usual with the Monday-goers. I would prefer less people at the gym because it suffocated me, but what could I do? I continued with the dumbbell floor press, erasing the existence of the other people on the floor around me thinking of one thing – focus. My trainer was celebrating his birthday in Singapore. I was alone. Continue reading Solitude and the Healthy Lifestyle