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Website Feature: Flex Founded Project

Hey folks,

You should check out Flex Founded Project on YouTube by Corey Menzinger. There are videos for workouts, meals, and even motivation. The channel is very beginner-friendly. Below are some of my favorite videos from the channel

Three Basic and Important Rules for Beginners

Bodybuilding Macros and Meals For Getting Ripped

Killer Chest Workout with Corey & Amanda

Follow Flex Founded Project on Twitter or subscribe to their YouTube channel.


You Can’t Motivate Anyone. TRUTH.

A couple of weeks ago, I convinced one of my co-workers to enrol in the gym I was a member of. She asked me in the pantry about my gym, the fee, the environment, etc. I answered her inquiries excitedly. The following two weeks, she was at the gym with me busting her ass on the treadmill, on a bench, on a mat, and with a pair of dumbbells. Then I wrote a blog post titled “Recruiting” for this blog but I never got beyond the first draft. Now it makes sense why I didn’t go back to writing. It wasn’t meant to be published because weeks later my co-worker had “given up”.

Motivation is everywhere nowadays. It’s in books, in movies, in billboards, in slogans, on your Facebook feed, on blogs, on Tumblr, and even on Instagram. It’s inescapable. Throughout my perusing, finding, and digesting it, I learned one important thing about motivation. You can’t motivate anyone. Continue reading You Can’t Motivate Anyone. TRUTH.

Keep On Keepin’ On

“I should be ashamed of myself” is a poor opening to a new blog post after a year of absence. But there’s no other way to describe how I’m feeling right now regarding my negligence and irresponsibility towards Fizz No More.

Last year I was taken off the tracks in my personal life, in the process abandoning my FNM (Fizz No More) mission. I still went to the gym regularly, but for several months I paired that with a not-to-be-proud-of diet and irregular alcohol consumption. I lost some fat and muscle at the same time, and I wasn’t pleased with it. Seeing that it wasn’t working, I changed my fitness routine: switched from morning to evening workout, a good diet to compliment the change in schedule and to get better results, and studied more about fitness and health. I saw better gains and an improvement to my general health. It was a chain reaction as other aspects of my life improved as well. Continue reading Keep On Keepin’ On