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The past two weekends were devoted to birthdays. First, I celebrated my 30th birthday starting on a Saturday night until Monday night. Then, this last weekend (18th of October), I attended a kid’s birthday party.

I ditched the intermittent fasting out the window for my 30th birthday.

30th Birthday part 1

On the eve of my birthday, I took my high school friends with me for some beer and spicy chicken wings at Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things. All I could think of while trying to survive the Armageddon spicy sauce was “spicy food will boost your metabolism”. I sweat profusely but it was worth it, at least every once in a while. Continue reading Birthdays


Dos: Follow-Up

Aside from the first step, the follow-up is usually harder. People tend to flake when the second time they had to do something, how hard it is becomes more apparent. But that’s exactly when discipline and commitment will get a spring. Dare we call quitters-after-the-first-time people weak. Continue reading Dos: Follow-Up