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The past two weekends were devoted to birthdays. First, I celebrated my 30th birthday starting on a Saturday night until Monday night. Then, this last weekend (18th of October), I attended a kid’s birthday party.

I ditched the intermittent fasting out the window for my 30th birthday.

30th Birthday part 1

On the eve of my birthday, I took my high school friends with me for some beer and spicy chicken wings at Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things. All I could think of while trying to survive the Armageddon spicy sauce was “spicy food will boost your metabolism”. I sweat profusely but it was worth it, at least every once in a while. Continue reading Birthdays


Friday and Monday

After my birthday and the weekend that came after it, I managed to not drink any soda (well Coke to be specific) for two days. On October 17 (Wednesday), I drank. How it lead that I cannot remember. My calendar is just telling me I did not avoid soda on that day. I bounced back on the day after that. It was one day soda abstinence for my birthday redux on the 19th (Friday). Continue reading Friday and Monday

Dear Fizz No More, It’s My Birthday

The two weeks leading to my birthday was not good for Fizz No More. On the first week of October I scored a 5-2 with FNM on the losing end. I was safe at work and it’s the home turf where I succumbed. On the week of my birthday, I ended up with 6-1. There was a birthday celebration (not mine) in the office last Monday. I didn’t hesitate and went for the jugular, uhm, Coke I mean, after eating. The rest of the week played out like the previous one. There’s Coke at home. Continue reading Dear Fizz No More, It’s My Birthday


Addicted. Dictionary.reference.com defines the adjective as being compulsively or physiologically dependent on something. Yours truly is an addict; well not to heroin or cocaine but to another coke – soda. Coke is the beverage among all beverages, according to myself. I’ve lived many years dependent on it during events, non-events, or even the daily routine. I see an army of Coke cans or bottles and my heart pumps faster in excitement. If the sea is a big body of Coke, I’ll gladly drown in it. That’s like heaven on earth. Continue reading Addicted