The past two weekends were devoted to birthdays. First, I celebrated my 30th birthday starting on a Saturday night until Monday night. Then, this last weekend (18th of October), I attended a kid’s birthday party.

I ditched the intermittent fasting out the window for my 30th birthday.

30th Birthday part 1

On the eve of my birthday, I took my high school friends with me for some beer and spicy chicken wings at Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things. All I could think of while trying to survive the Armageddon spicy sauce was “spicy food will boost your metabolism”. I sweat profusely but it was worth it, at least every once in a while.

30th birthday part 2

Craving for some pizza for a very long time, I took my friends and former co-workers for pizza, pasta, and chicken at Shakey’s. Carbs! Then, we had coffee at Starbucks before watching The Equalizer where I received some unexpected gift.

30th birthday part 3

The following night, I took a couple of college friends to pizza again (hey, I don’t eat pizza that often anymore so excuse me for my birthday) at Yellow Cab. Their hot wings were nothing compared to Buffalo’s but their Charlie Chicken Pasta made up for it though.

Kiddie party

A former co-worker’s child will have her 4th birthday at Jollibee on the morning of the 18th and I ditched IF again for that day. The chocolate and strawberry sundae tempted me and I indulged, only to suffer later for it since I’m lactose-intolerant. Sometimes we make poor judgment and I had to use the mall’s public restroom to relieve myself. I must always remember that I can only eat ice cream when I’m at home.

When I got home, I started feeling ill. I spent the rest of the weekend sleeping and taking medicine for my fever and cold. In fact, I wrote this short post still feeling hazy.

The Jollibee!

No regrets though! I made those conscious choices and had a good time. Now, time to go back to the regular programming.

Cover image: My 30th Birthday Cake! – Children’s Novelty Cake From J & J Bakery in Torrance by Marshall Astor


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