The last time I had burpees in my workout was towards the end of last year, that is until last week.

I used to do burpees in circuit workouts for fat loss. While I loved burpees for the feeling of accomplishment doing them, I hated them for their sheer toughness.

Since I do not like running on the treadmill as it hurts my feet, I had stayed away from cardio from quite some time. It was a pathetic excuse, I know. But aside from my feet hurting, I observed that whenever I ran after lifting, I seemed to lose my gains afterward. When I decided to eliminate cardio post-workout, I saw improvements. But cardio is important and I must push myself to incorporate it in my routine.

After a week of doing burpees on alternate days as my finisher, I noticed that my ability to do burpees had improved. That’s good news. I can increase the reps per set next time or try other burpee challenges.

Doing burpees is a good body exercise. It will have your heart rate up and will let you burn more fat.

See Howcast’s video below on how to do a burpee with a jump.

Cover image: 22nd MEU_140830-M-HZ646-153 by U.S. Naval Forces Central Command/U.S. Fifth Fleet


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