Why You Should Hire a Personal Trainer

Last Wednesday, my personal relationship with my personal trainer ended. I had learned everything I could from him and it was time to set forth a different fitness route.

Hiring a personal trainer was one of the best decisions I made in life. I tried getting on the fitness path before and enrolled in a gym. But I quit so soon, lacking in motivation and knowledge. A couple of years later, after being diagnosed with sickness, I knew I had to make an uncomfortable yet wise change in my life. I wanted to go to the gym and restart my fitness route again. It has been three years since then. While making it this far could be attributed solely to my motivation and commitment, I could not deny the role my personal trainer played in my journey. Simply put, I wouldn’t get here without him.

Why should you hire a personal trainer, especially if you are a newbie?

  • A personal trainer can motivate you and keep your progress in check.

A mistake that fitness rookies make is not monitoring their progress. Though this responsibility should be theirs, a personal trainer can be a mirror of truth.

Sometimes, a client will not notice his progress as well. A personal trainer can tell him about that.

  • A personal trainer will give you tough love.

In my trainer and I’s first year, there were days I resented him. He’d give me tough exercises that I thought were too much for me. At times, I wondered whether he was overestimating my capabilities. At the end of it all, he was right. He gave me exercises that stretched my limits and made me believe I could conquer feats I didn’t think were possible before. I had poor confidence in myself and he helped improve that through his tough love.

  • A personal trainer will know the right type of exercises for your level of fitness.

Opposite of what I mentioned in the previous item (about underestimating one’s capabilities), someone with not enough knowledge can overestimate what their body can do.

My workouts had changed over the years. What I did recently was completely different from what I did in the beginning. My routine had evolved in accordance to my improving level of fitness.

  • A personal trainer can help prevent you from injuries.

In relation to the point above, overestimating your capability and not understanding an exercise correctly can lead to injury. A personal trainer can teach you about proper form and execution, and will watch you closely during exercise to help prevent injuries.

  • A personal trainer can be your source of knowledge.

Whenever a new exercise is introduced in our routine, I will ask my trainer what is it for. When I see someone else doing the same exercise with variation, I will ask my trainer why. With the amount of information about fitness available out there, it can be easy to get confused. With a personal trainer’s experience and skills, you can weed out the false information from the truth.

If you are new to the gym, you should definitely hire a trainer. It’s best to train with proper guidance since everything can be overwhelming. At the same time, always re-assess whether what you currently know is sufficient for you or maybe you need to hire the service of a professional. “Work smart” can sometimes mean working with someone with the smarts.

Cover image by Neon Tommy


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