How Do You Spend Your Rest Days?

From Monday to Friday, I go to the gym after work. Saturday and Sunday are reserved for my rest days to recharge, to spend more time with my books and with writing, or to catch up with my friends. That’s my typical rest day.

This past weekend was a little extraordinary. Last July, I started an impromptu project when WordPress emailed me that the domain of my other blog was about to expire and needed renewing. To celebrate the first anniversary of my blogging/writing career, I decided to make a book, a compilation of selected materials across my blogs plus some unpublished ones.

In the early weeks that followed, I spent time in planning and in preparing, gathering ideas and tools along the way. But in the last weekend that passed, I was in overdrive mode to finish my project for release. The bulk of the work was done during those two days.

Rest days present opportunities not just to rest our physical bodies but also to give us time to pursue our other hobbies and interests. With that said, last week’s rest days resulted in my book, Xenanimus. I can’t say I wasn’t productive! Download it for free here.

Xenanimus by Xeno Hemlock
Xenanimus by Xeno Hemlock


What about you? How do you spend your rest days?

Cover image: 40+236 Break by Bark



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