September is Almost Here (Some Motivation For You)

Here are some motivation for you!

Cover image: Army Reserve 2010 Best Warrior Competition Army Physical Fitness Test by DVIDSHUB



How Do You Spend Your Rest Days?

From Monday to Friday, I go to the gym after work. Saturday and Sunday are reserved for my rest days to recharge, to spend more time with my books and with writing, or to catch up with my friends. That’s my typical rest day. Continue reading How Do You Spend Your Rest Days?

Motion is Life

When you’re sitting on your ass all day, you feel lethargic. When you’re on you’re couch watching TV, you feel tired. That’s because motion is life. ¬†Contrary to the belief that moving is tiring, it actually makes you more energetic. So get moving!

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Running with Music by Chris Hunkeler
Hiking, Tromso by Gunnar Hildonen
Sailors participate in a swim call after a Crossing the Line ceremony. by Official US Navy Page
Jump rope! by Joshua Rappeneker
Dance Recital by Bill & Vicki T
Kayaking by Martin Monroe
Skydiving by Joshua M