Kicked Off The Week with Leg Day

“What have I gotten myself into?” was the first thought that came to my mind when I started my leg workout. It had been a long while since I worked out my lower body, after some mishap on my foot and leg. However, I felt I was missing out badly on something good so I incorporated it back to my routine. By the time I finished my first set, drenched in sweat and panting hard, I was reminded once more why leg day is “feared”. Continue reading Kicked Off The Week with Leg Day


It’s Holy Week. The Gym is Closed. What Do I Do?

Here comes the dilemma that some of us face during national holidays such as Christmas, All Saints Day, New Year, and the Holy Week. The gym is closed. For some, it’s a complete holiday from their work and fitness commitments. For the gymoholics out there, unless you have your own gym within the confines of your home, the question that will pop in your mind is, “What do I do?” Continue reading It’s Holy Week. The Gym is Closed. What Do I Do?

Solitude and the Healthy Lifestyle

The songs from Skrillex’s latest album Recess playing in shuffle in my earphones shut me completely away from the world. My shirt was drenched in sweat, as I lay on a mat on the floor with a pair of dumbbells on both sides. It was night and the gym was crowded as usual with the Monday-goers. I would prefer less people at the gym because it suffocated me, but what could I do? I continued with the dumbbell floor press, erasing the existence of the other people on the floor around me thinking of one thing – focus. My trainer was celebrating his birthday in Singapore. I was alone. Continue reading Solitude and the Healthy Lifestyle