You Can’t Always Get What You Want

No man is an island, they say. But each and everyone who made it to the top has had at least one person who supported them. Whether it was introducing them to a good network of people, giving endless morale boost, or really being there by their side in every step of the way someone has supported a winner. Having support from others ┬ámotivates us more in going for the gold. We all want that. We all need it. Continue reading You Can’t Always Get What You Want



Since my last post and until the end of 2012, my Fizz No More story came crashing down to the ground. I lost my focus. I ignored my goal. I was off the rail.

Last December, I was to attend my friend’s wedding on a mountaintop in the province. Two weeks before that, my personal trainer changed my workout. He made me do more plyometric exercises. It was an athlete’s workout he said. The holidays were approaching and he wanted me prepared for it by working out harder to torch the body fat. I lost a lot I observed. Continue reading Rejuvenated