Stuck In Limbo

American Idol Season 11 concert at Smart Araneta Coliseum

Two weeks have passed and it felt like limbo. I scored a 4-3 last, last week with the winning days from Monday to Thursday. Friday kicked in and I felt some freedom of drinking soda. I watched the American Idol concert on Friday and it became the excuse to buy Coke at Burger King and at the concern hall. I shouldn’t be sad because I enjoyed the concert and I felt entitled to a bit of cheating (diet-speaking) along the way and during that day. The sad part though was that I steamrolled into a fizz party until the weekend. Saturday and Sunday were fizz-filled. I barely won that week. Repeat. 4-3. Continue reading Stuck In Limbo


My Relationship with Iced Tea

Last week, Fizz No More’s tally was 4-3 in favor of Fizz. Dedication was present from Monday to Thursday until a slip up on Friday created an avalanche of fizz that lasted until Sunday. The following week was the opposite. The score was 5-2 in favor of fizz, not Fizz but fizz! I keep telling myself not to be let down by failures and get back in to what I was doing. It’s not going to be perfect but if I give up, that would make a definite loser. Cliche as it may, I’ll keep the saying “Try and try until you succeed.” Continue reading My Relationship with Iced Tea

Hope Springs

Last Monday was a national holiday. I went out with my newlywed friend to catch Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones’ Hope Springs in the cinema. I was in the gym before we met and so I was safe from any liquid temptation. For me, the gym’s atmosphere helps a lot in working towards my health goals. It gives an addicting, euphoric feeling. And so despite the holiday, it was no reason for me to slack off with my workout. Besides, resting for more than two days would make my next visit harder. After the movie, me and my friend went to eat. She was craving for mozzarella sticks and we headed to Papa John’s at Greenbelt. Food portion was easy for me but the heat of the afternoon made the refillable Coke so inviting. I had two glasses which came as a surprise for me. I could gulp around 10 servings normally. Even if the number was low, the day became an X for my calendar. Continue reading Hope Springs