I Drank Coke While I Was Sick

It’s Saturday! I haven’t blogged about my weekdays yet. And perhaps I can include this weekend along.

Last weekend and Monday were days not to be proud of. I tried to make up for it last Tuesday and Wednesday with my usual selection of pineapple juice or Fit & Right. Surviving on other flavored drinks, I was able to stave off soda. A planned Wednesday night dinner even had me opting for bottomless iced tea, despite the mouth-watering dishes that were better consumed with iced cola. Continue reading I Drank Coke While I Was Sick



Addicted. Dictionary.reference.com defines the adjective as being compulsively or physiologically dependent on something. Yours truly is an addict; well not to heroin or cocaine but to another coke – soda. Coke is the beverage among all beverages, according to myself. I’ve lived many years dependent on it during events, non-events, or even the daily routine. I see an army of Coke cans or bottles and my heart pumps faster in excitement. If the sea is a big body of Coke, I’ll gladly drown in it. That’s like heaven on earth. Continue reading Addicted